Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spiderman to the RESCUE!

Tuesday's is boob group day. I take Grayson over to my friend and neighbor, T's house for daycare then Jax and I head off to the breast feeding support group. He loves going over to T's house. Today when I was done at boob group and all our errands I arrived at T's just in time to see a real live super hero!

He had watched almost the entire Spiderman Movie, feature film not cartoon mind you, T- you're fired!
I jest.
It's Grayson's first movie that is not a cartoon other than Elmo in grouchland. And hopefully he doesn't have nightmares... guess who I am calling if he does? T let him borrow the costume, that used to be her sons when he was little(r, he's 10 now)

He spent the rest of the day shooting webs at me...
telling me he was coming to the rescue (!!)

and showing me all the cool tricks Spiderman (he) can do.
Like this gem.

and this one.
He did learn how to do a somersault by himself today. He has been relying on us to do the final "push over" for him. He still needs some work on his technique because he usually ends up sideways.

Then he walked around the house finding all the cobwebs saying that Spiderman (not he) had put them there... lovely. I never noticed many of them. Guess I need to get out the wool duster.

Later Batman came out to play when he saw that Spiderman was outside.
After dinner he decided we needed to call the real Spiderman so we can go visit and when that didn't go over he decided Spidey is coming to us. He refused to take no for an answer so he is sure the there will be a super hero here in the near future.

He never did take that costume off. In fact he is tucked in his bed safely in costume, minus the mask for obvious safety reasons.


Marlyn said...

OMG, that is adorable. Where did Batman come from?????

I love the tricks! he seems so cute. Need to meet him IRL!

Jaimey said...

Batman is the other neighbor boy. :)