Thursday, March 25, 2010

News of late

Isn't he the cutest? Jaxon is cute too. Just kidding. I love baby legs warmers. In this case Huggalugs. So cute!
That was a few weeks ago. My sweet little bundle now weighs in at a wopping 15 lbs 2 oz, as of yesterday. He has been gaining an average of 2 oz a day. Generally .5 oz is considered good gain. I apparently make butter milk. Last week at Jax's 2 month apt he was 14lbs 12 oz, 25" long (22 at birth) and 16.5" head. The doctor was even impressed. :)
The only down side to having a mini moose is that he has outgrown the few cute things I bought him! The one gymboree outfit I got, he wore maybe 3 times.
He and his brother are settling in nicely. They love eachother so much and it is hysterical to watch them laugh and play together. Jax is already becoming such a little boy at just 9 weeks old. He is batthing at toys already and loves to lie in his playgym, kicking his baby "wind"chime toy. I have so many pictures I want to share!!
We got the quote back on the laptop and it was $750 for a new motherboard. It was a cheap laptop to begin with so we chose to have them pull the info off of it and call it good. Now we have to wait until we have money to buy a new one. The dinosaur desktop upstairs "crashed" when I uploaded only 200 pics (an hour+ project in itself!) from my iphone and picasa the other night. It refuses to run anything or TURN OFF!
I need to pull the plug and cross my fingers for a reboot.
In other news, Zack's job is going VERY well. I believe I posted that he got a promotion and 25% pay increase after 2 weeks. Well after a few more weeks he was given another 25% pay increase because the commision for the other position would have kicked in quicker because it was an established position where as this one isn't and he is putting all the processes in place first. He really likes it. And I think it challenges him, which is great. I see a long lovely future with this company. (fingers crossed and knock on wood!)
Which brings me to another bit of news. I quit Target yesterday. I was scheduled to go back after the 13th. I had taken care of everything on my end with FMLA and the company who takes care of all of that type of thing for T. I had called every week since the 2 weeks leading up to being able to come back trying to get on the schedule and yet I have STILL not been scheduled. Always the promise of next week. With the increase in Zack's pay we decided it made more sense for me to be home with the boys than for him to come home early for me to go in and make minimum wage. We would both rather he possibly make a sale in those hours. Yay! I am so much more appreciative of my time home this time around. I realize how precious my time with my boys is and while there are many days I want to mail one or the other or both to the moon, I wouldn't trade that time for anything.
I mentioned here that I lost my nanny job as well. At the time I was feeling very overwhelmed with the whole thing and the prospect of being set back even further. But after the last two months I am much more content with the our financial future and feel like we might finally have turned the corner of all the crap of the last few years. Finally.
And while I feel like we have turned a corner, I can't help but feel like I am waiting. Waiting for something bad, catastrophic even to happen. I can't help but feel like I shouldn't get too settled in to being happy and content. I know its crazy. Things have to get better right? And stay that way. We work hard to keep it that way. And yet, we have no choice in the matter really.
If the dinosaur cooperates in the near future I will share all the pics I have been dying to get up... fingers crossed!


Marlyn said...

It's all good from here! I am so happy for you. And hope to see you this summer!

Jenny said...

We are always thinking of you guys and praying for the best. Please let us know if you need help with you computer, Steve doesn't work in IT for nothing. And STOP thinking of negative, ball to drop thoughts....things are going well and will continue to improve. I know you have faith, but always have you guys!