Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playroom redo!

I have been wanting to redo the playroom for sometime, it was just NOT conducive to play the way it was. Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pictures. As usual. :( There was a huge armoir in one corner with things tucked in laundry baskets for organization. Then a big self unit on the wall the toy box is on. It was hard to play, little space and just plain ugly. The boys got quite a bit of money for Christmas and birthday's so it went to this. I love it! Let me know what you think in the comments!
I have the idea that where the cushions will be can also be a stage. It can serve many options the way it is or we can always add more storage later and "build" up.

Thank you to Papa and Grandpa Merchant for helping us make this happen!
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cranny + b said...

ooohhhh, dustless chalk--a must buy! ;-)

it all looks great, girl!

Marlyn said...

Looks awesome! Amazing storage system!

Lindsey J said...

I love it!

Kelly said...

It looks great!
Now can you come organize my house?

Mikesha Row said...

What kind of bins did you use?

Jaimey said...

They are the trofast set from IKEA. :)