Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thank you Grandpa!

Grayson got a package from his Grandpa Bill the other day with his second tractor. He LOVES it! He loves to drive it all over the house, making tractor noises (well sort of :) and running over things. He gets kinda frustrated though cause it is really heavy so he can't carry it like he would like to.

Him getting this new tractor lead to another great thing. I learned to take my own videos on my camera (knew how to do that) and UPLOAD them MYSELF to youtube. I even edited! I was SO proud of myself. Now I don't have to wait for Zack to do it, since he is so busy with work and such.
Here is the finished product, Grayson saying Thank you for his new toy:

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Heather said...

So I check your BLOG daily (well almost daily) and you haven't made an announcement that you are prego. Girl announce it to all of cyber space or I may just have!! OOOPS!! : )

Lacey said...

Too cute! Can't wait to see Grayson! Congratulations on your news~~~~Dad and Dianne